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Effects of Hearing Loss

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Major Effects of Hearing Loss

There's a direct relationship between your ears and your brain and this is affected when you suffer from hearing loss. 

Studies have proven that people with hearing loss experience accelerate decline in cognitive abilities. The decrease in brain stimulation can lead to brain atrophy.

The decline of memory and thinking can be accelerated due to the higher rate of hearing loss. Additionally, untreated hearing loss can adversely affect brain structure and function.

These studies indicate the urgency in which hearing loss should be treated. Get timely help from us if you're facing any hearing issues.
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Hearing Loss Can Lead to Dementia and Brain Shrinkage

According to a study conducted by the John Hopkins University in 2013, hearing loss can increase the risk of cognitive problems and dementia. 

As part of a dementia study in 2011, the cognitive health of 639 mentally sharp people was monitored. The volunteers’ mental abilities were tested regularly, for about 12 years and some for 18 years. 

The results concluded that the worse the initial hearing loss, the more likely the person was to develop dementia. 

According to researchers, there are plausible reasons for why hearing loss might lead to dementia. The brain’s hearing center, called the auditory cortex, is very close to the region where Alzheimer’s first starts and this could be one of the major reasons.

Although the brain naturally becomes smaller with age, brain shrinkage seems to be fast-tracked in older adults with hearing loss. This was proved in a study by Frank Lin, MD PhD through John Hopkins University and the National Institute on Aging. 

Those with impaired hearing had significantly more shrinkage in particular regions, including the superior, middle and inferior temporal gyri, brain structures that are responsible for sound and speech processing.
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Treat Hearing Loss Today!

There are new hearing aid technologies being used to increase the natural process for better hearing. Treating hearing loss in a timely manner can help offset this. 

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